Registration - Application for European PRM Board Certification by Examination


Board Exam 2019 - Application Deadline: September 30, 2019.



  • Fields marked with star are mandatory.
  • Names, Country and Nationality should be written with Capital (Uppercase) letters, Dates in dd/mm/yyyy format, and Years in yyyy format.
  • Please pay special attention to correctly type your personal data, using Latin characters. Your name submitted through this form will be printed on all official documents (including diplomas) issued by the Board.
  • Certification Fee Payment has to be completed before submitting this form.
  • Candidates who have failed the examination may re-sit one more time without further payment, but they must re-submit the following form and fill in payment field with their initial payment details.
  • To help Board Treasurer retrieve your payment, detailed payment information should be provided through this form. In case sender's name is different than candidate's name, it MUST be declared in payment details field of this form.
  • After a successful submission, a confirmation message will be displayed on your screen. An email will be sent to you shortly with your Registration Number.
  • Configure your anti-spam, so as accept emails sent from PRM Section and Board of UEMS. Otherwise you may miss critical information about your registration, announcements, events, benefits etc.
  • In case you encounter problems with the online submission of your  registration, please contact the Certification Secretary General


Telephone numbers must include international prefix preceded by 00, without symbols:  (example 00302101234567).


Terms and Conditions

  1. I declare that I am a medical doctor, specialist in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine or PRM trainee from year 3 of a specialist training programme (at the discretion of the training programme director) and that all data provided through this form are accurate.
  2. PRM Section and Board of UEMS reserves the right to verify your data submitted through this form.
  3. Some identification data (name, country, email) may be sent to educational event organizers (for events under auspices of PRM Section and Board of UEMS), in order to grant you low cost participation benefits.
  4. You accept to receive emails from PRM Section and Board of UEMS.
  5. Your director of training or education supervisor has granted you the right to submit his/her data requested for your registration.
  6. Data submitted through this form are stored in a database according to the Privacy Policy of this site. These data will be used for Board examination administration purposes, to define PRM Board's policy regarding education, to grant you low cost participation in educational events and to inform you about actions related to the PRM Section and Board of UEMS.
  7. It is your responsibility to contact your National Manager and validate your Registration File as described in Certification webpage of this site. Please pay special attention to the deadlines. Applications without complete payments or lacking the National Manager validation will be rejected.
  8. Examination date, time and place will be announced through the official website and National Managers.
  9. In case of examination centers using the BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) procedure, it is the responsibility of the candidate to bring and use, for the whole duration of the exam, a laptop with Wifi connectivity, compatible with the examination software. Information on compatibility is available on the examination webpage.
  10. PRM Section and Board of UEMS reserve the right to publish on the official website the list of candidates who passed the Board Certification exam (First Name, Last Name, Country, Year of National Qualification, Year of Board Certification).
  11. The results of the exam are announced by national managers in the form of pass/fail, according to a cut-off score set by the Jury of the European PRM Board at 60% of admissible questions. The decision of the Jury is definitive and binding for the candidates. The final score and the performance to the single questions are not revealed to the candidates. Conversely, they will be informed of the percentage success achieved in each separate PRM knowledge domain, in comparison to the average performance of all participants.
  12. The content of this application form and the data provided as annexes, including th elogbook will be verified by the National Manager of the country of residence and/or country of training and certification of the applicant and transmitted to the Secretaries of the UEMS PRM Board. The Board Secretaries will circulate the application amongst the member of the Executive Committee and the Jury of the European PRM Board of UEMS. After the decision of the Jury, the application will be archived according to the data protection policy of the UEMS PRM Board. The contact details submitted herewith including the e-mail address will be used for all exchanges between the applicant and the PRM Board of UEMS until the final decision about the applicant’s eligibility for certification by examination is reached. Thereafter the email address, phone number and postal address might be used by the UEMS PRM Board and its National Managers to communicate with applicant regarding recertification as a Fellow, about Educative & Scientific Events, European Schools and Publications organized or endorsed by the European Board of PRM or the European society of PRM. The email address will be included in the newsletter mailing list of the UEMS PRM Board.
  13. I accept my Firstname(s), Family Name and country of residence to be published in the list of Fellows, on the website of the PRM Board of UEMS.
  14. I have read and accept the Privacy and Data Protection Policy of the PRM Board of UEMS, published in the frontpage of its official website.
  15. I have read and accept all the rules of the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine regarding the examination for certification.