1st European ESWT Online Course

Organized by the UEMS PRM Board in collaboration with the SW SISC of the ESPRM

Course coordinators: Nikolaos Barotsis & Elena Ilieva

Faculty: Nikolaos Barotsis, Elena Ilieva, Regina Stemberger

Duration: 1 October 2017 – January 2018

Participants: PRM trainees registered with the UEMS PRM Board (free registration) proposed by the National Managers

Level: basic (no prior experience or skills are needed).

Participation fees: the 1st European ESWT online course can be attended by 2 PRM trainees from each country participating to UEMS PRM Section, free of registration fees. Registration can be done untill September 15, 2017 through the National Managers of the UEMS PRM Board.

Modules: the course will comprise the following modules:

1. Introduction: History, Physics, Biological Principles

2. Principles of SW application: Indications, Contraindications & Side Effects, US guided ESWT.

3. Upper Limb applications: Shoulder, Elbow

4. Lower Limb applications: Hip & knee, Ankle & foot

5. Special applications:  Spasticity, Myofascial pain syndrome, Bone healing & Wound healing.

6. Final Assessment

7.OPTIONAL - Hands-on session: participants of the online course are encouraged to complement the theoretical knowledge with the practical skills by attending the Vilnius ESPRM Shock Wave workshop (subject to the registration policy of the 2018 ESPRM Congress).

ECPRM 2018

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