UEMS PRM Section & Board Assembly



The meeting of the UEMS PRM Section & Board will be hosted in Prague, from 25 to 27 August 2016. More than 60 delegates from UEMS member countries are expected to attend the workshops and assemblies.

Thursday 25 August: Plenary Session

Friday 26 August: Board, Clinical Affairs & Professional Practice Committee Workshops

Saturday 27 August: General Assembly.



The 25th Board Anniversary

The UEMS PRM Board Celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special ceremony at the 20th ESPRM Congress in Estoril. The Board history and activities were presented and awards were offered to the best presentations by PRM trainees and young PRM doctors. It was announced that on the occasion of the anniversary, the Board offers reduced certification fees for 2016.






Celebrating the 25th European PRM Board Anniversary

BOARD 25 logo

The reduced certification fees for UEMS PRM Board certifications offered on the occasion of the 25th anniversary apply until end of June 2017:

• Certification by equivalence: reduction of the fee by 33%

The fee will be 200 euro, instead of 300 euro. 

• Recertification of Fellows (Senior Fellowship): reduction of the fee by 25%

The fee will be 75 euro, instead of 100 euro. 

• Certification of Training Centres:

The fee will be 500 euro, instead of 750 euro  

• Recertification of Training Centres:

The fee will be 250 euro, instead of 350 euro, without site visit. When a site visit will be required for the recertification, the fee will be 500 euro. 

Welcome to UEMS PRM Section and Board

This is the official website of the UEMS PRM Section and Board. You will find here all updated information about the activities of the Board and the Section's Committees:

  • European Board of PRM: Education (initial teaching and training, CME/CPD, accreditation of European PRM teaching and training events). President: Prof. Maria Gabriella Ceravolo (Italy).
  • Clinical Affairs Committee: Quality of Care, based on the concept of PRM Programmes of Care. Chairman: Dr. Mark Delargy (Ireland).
  • Professional Practice: Fields of Competence. Chairman: Prof. Enrique Varela Donoso (Spain).

Registration for PRM Trainees

Trainees in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine can register with the European PRM Board of UEMS from the first year of their training. Registration is free and is submited online.

The Board encourages trainees to register and benefit from special privileges including free or low cost teaching programmes, the dedicated newsletter and free educational material.